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Athletic Field Striping

Field lines are a crucial part of any sports field. Without the lines, there would be no indication of where the game can be played. Keep the game inbounds with bright lines on the playing field.

  • New Lines

  • New Layouts

  • Survey & Setup

  • Maintenance

Playing Through The Seasons

Through Spring, Summer, and Fall, the conditions of the playing field change. In addition, the fields take a lot of abuse during practice and the big game. From this activity and change in the weather, field lines and markers fade. Without proper maintenance and resprays, a field can quickly become unrecognizable.

Soccer Fields

Football Fields

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Lacrosse Fields

Athletic Field Services

Along with Cornerstone athletic field striping services, we provide continued grounds maintenance services for upkeep. Mowing is an essential part of the playing field, including the height of the grass and the patterns created. This makes the field playable for the athletes and also keeps the grounds presentable for families, friends, and guests who attend the sporting events.

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Parking Lot Striping

The job of your parking lot striping is to give drivers and pedestrians a clear understanding of the lanes, direction, and parking.

  • Replace Faded Markings

  • Optimize Available Space

  • Traffic Direction & Flow

  • New Pavement & Layout

Custom Stencils

Available for athletic fields, parking lots, and more. If your facility is in need of a non-standard marking, Cornerstone is able to produce custom stencils for many applications. Share your idea with us and we will work with you on a creative and effective solution.

Parking Lot Striping Services

Can you imagine a parking lot without lines? It would be utter chaos trying to move vehicles and people in and out without causing an accident. As parking lines fade, this unpleasant scenario becomes more likely. With regular striping, to maintain brightly visible lines, drivers and pedestrians can move with efficiency and stay safe while visiting your location.

Reserved Spaces

Space Numbering

No Parking

Fire Lanes

Handicap Spaces

Loading Zones


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